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Rock Band Web Design

Santa Barbara Web Designers actually sold the first Sugarcult CD online way back in 1998!  Santa Barbara Web Designers owned and ran the Sugarcult web site, fan club, and online store/merchandise from 1998 until we sold it to the band (who are close friends) years later after they became huge stars.  Santa Barbara Web Designers played a huge part in the success of Sugarcult who appeared on MTV and became one of the biggest bands ever to come from Santa Barbara.  Sugarcult has toured the world, hit #1 on the charts, shared the stage with huge bands like Greenday and Blink 182, appeared on MTV and in major motion pictures.  If you know rock you know they are huge rock stars!  Santa Barbara Web Designers has over 10 years experience working with major bands and musicians and knows how to help your rock band or you as a musicion succeed in todays world dominated by the Ipod, Iphone, Myspace, Facebook, and mp3′s.

Some of the things that Santa Barbara Web Designers did for Sugarcult that we can do for  are:  build your rock band or similar web site, give you the ability to sell your music online, grow your fan club into the thousands or millions, create a fan club, sell your merchandise online, automate your online services to save you time and money, help you maximize your online profits from your rock band or music career.

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Rock Band Web Design

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