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Santa Barbara Web Designers was founded in 1997 and has developed hundreds of web sites, web applications, and other software solutions for a worldwide customer base.

Santa Barbara Web Designers customers include Boeing, UCLA, Reebok, Hyundai, the State of California, Andy Roddick, Sugarcult, the Ventura Film Festival, the Ventura Opera Company, CALSEIA, Aubrey Falk, La Gran Liga de Oxnard, and many more.

Santa Barbara Web Designers uses PHP/MySQL, LAMP, FreeBSD, Ajax, Javascript, C/C++, Ruby on Rails/RoR, Flash, ActionScript, Perl, Python,  Visual Basic/VB, C#, ASP/Classic ASP, ASP.NET, MSQL, PsSQL, Microsoft products, Microsoft Windows (NT, XP, Vista, 7, Server/Desktop), Ubuntu, Linux, Unix, ColdFusion/CF, and all other related technologies.

Santa Barbara Web Designers develops web sites, web applications, search engine optimization (SEO), online stores/catalogs, shopping carts, e-commerce sites, social networks, dating sites, blogs, news portals, classifieds systems, video portals, video streaming web sites & applications, business web sites, non-profit web sites, corportate web site design & web development, personal web sites, portfolio web sites, provides web site maintenance, logo design, graphic design, web hosting & dedicated servers, provides Internet marketing & consulting.

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