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Search Engine Optimization

Santa Barbara Web Designers is a world leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We are one of the only companies who provides a full 100% money back guarantee in writing if we don’t get at least one of your keywords ranked on the first page of Google.  No one can guarantee what Google will do but we put our money where our mouth is.  We are that good at SEO!

Our SEO engineers have worked for the largest and oldest SEO firms in the world and have over 16 years experience optimizing and marketing web sites for a range of customers around the globe.

Santa Barbara Web Designers does not use any illegal, unethical tricks, gimmicks or fads to get your site ranked in the top 10 on all the major search engines.  Santa Barbara Web Designers simply applies the time tested “ORGANIC SEO” techniques that work!

SEO results typicaly depend on the age of your web site.  If your site is a brand new site then it will take up to 6 months for Google to register it.  If your site is already ranked then SEO results can be seen in as little as 3-4 weeks in some cases.  Internal ranking on the major search engines only happens on 4-6 month period so SEO must be seen as a long term commitment, not a quick fix.

So stop throwing away thousands of dollars on PPC and have Santa Barbara Web Designers get your site ranked in the most valuable real estate on the Internet, the top 10 organic listings!  Contact Santa Barbara Web Designers now for a free SEO quote.

Some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results as of October 27, 2009.   Remember that Google is constantly updating their rankings and rankings are constantly changing as new web sites put online and old web sites are taken offline so results below may not be current or accurate.

1st on Google for keyword voice instruction out of 2,140,000.

1st on Google for keyword ventura web development out of 633,000

3rd on Google for keyword kettlebell forum out of 119,000

1st on Google for keyword ventura film festival out of 500,000

1st on Google for keyword ventura aikido out 38,000

1st on Google for keyword mobile auto refinishing out of 1,090,000

1st on Google for keyword sugarcult out of 1,020,000

6th on Google for keyword dating for college alumni out of 481,000

1st on Google for keyword bathmate us out of 280,000

4th on Google for keyword bathmate usa out of 87,500

1st on Google for keyword california solar energy out of 18,800,000

3rd on Google for keyword solar energy california out of 4,160,000

2nd on Google for soar initiative out of 993,000